Springtime Gardening Tips

Sunday September 1, 2013
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With this lovely warm Melbourne weather its prime time to get stuck into the garden for some spring-cleaning. 

Some important Spring jobs to address: 

1. Hedging: Give your hedges a heavy prune, removing the top sections of unruly growth. This will keep your hedge looking thick and dense. 

2. Pruning: Prune those plants that flowered in Autumn and Winter. This will ensure good flowering at eye-height for their next flush. 

3. Citrus tree care: Prune out the leggy growth of your citrus trees. Give them a good fertilise with "Citrus Food", water in and then mulch under the drip-line of the trees with pea-straw. 

4. Veggies: Time to remove your winter crops and plant up your early spring vegetables; coriander, salad vegetables, asian greens and spring onions. Read the seed packet labels for sowing instructions. Prepare the rest of your garden beds for the later spring crops with a good feed of mushroom compost and a covering of pea-straw mulch. 


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