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Melbourne Summer Gardening Tips

Thursday January 16, 2014
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Welcome to 2014! May it be an enthusiastic year for gardeners- observing and nurturing your gardens, learning new techniques and developing your skills. We can all grow and flourish with the experience!

One of the most important tips over summer is to water regularly and wisely. Water early in the mornings to avoid evaporation losses. Check that your irrigation systems are working well and don't forget to mulch!. An application of liquid seaweed in your watering-can will assist with heat-stressed plants. 

Kitchen gardens can be planted out with carrots, eggplants, lettuce, herbs, zucchinis and don't forget that sweet corn makes an excellent climbing ladder for beans to grow up!. An application of pea-straw mulch will also aid soil fertility as it breaks down. 

Watch out for black-spot on roses and mildew on climbing vines. 

Clear all debris from gutters and around the house in bush-fire prone areas and don't forget that its not only plants (and ourselves) that will feel stressed with the heat. Fill those bird baths and water bowls to keep all our garden visitors cool this summer. 

Summer is an excellent time to start planning and designing for any landscape construction changes you want to make in Autumn. Click on our facebook link for regularly updated gardening information and some photos of our construction works. 

Happy summer gardening!




Springtime Gardening Tips

Sunday September 1, 2013
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With this lovely warm Melbourne weather its prime time to get stuck into the garden for some spring-cleaning. 

Some important Spring jobs to address: 

1. Hedging: Give your hedges a heavy prune, removing the top sections of unruly growth. This will keep your hedge looking thick and dense. 

2. Pruning: Prune those plants that flowered in Autumn and Winter. This will ensure good flowering at eye-height for their next flush. 

3. Citrus tree care: Prune out the leggy growth of your citrus trees. Give them a good fertilise with "Citrus Food", water in and then mulch under the drip-line of the trees with pea-straw. 

4. Veggies: Time to remove your winter crops and plant up your early spring vegetables; coriander, salad vegetables, asian greens and spring onions. Read the seed packet labels for sowing instructions. Prepare the rest of your garden beds for the later spring crops with a good feed of mushroom compost and a covering of pea-straw mulch. 

Early Spring Gardening Tips

Thursday August 22, 2013
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Top Gardening Tips for early Spring

- Plan your garden: With careful observation decide how you want your garden layout to be. Consider not just how much space you have but how much time you have to manage your garden. Observe the drainage, how much sun the garden will get at different times of the day and what your overall garden objectives are- would you like to harvest your own food, have plants that attract birds & butterflies or a space for the kids to play?. Having a professional landscape design drawn up can ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run (by choosing the correct plant varieties for their right positions). 

- Start weeding: Now that its warm enough to return outdoors its a good time to address the weeds (& a nice form of meditation too!). If this is not your ideal activity call in our Garden Maintenance team to help!. 

- Fertilise your garden: With warmer days and more rain it is the perfect time to add manures and compost to your garden. Start getting those beds ready for Spring planting with a good feed of Blood & Bone, sheep or cow manures and dig them through with your pitch fork. Now is the time to start turning your compost piles (or creating a new worm farm, compost or small scale bokashi bucket system) to assist the feeding regime throughout Spring. 

- Choose your seeds and plants. Consider plants that grow well in our climate and meet your design objectives. Consider all the visitors to your garden (the birds & bees) when planning your garden. In a few weeks it will be the perfect time to plant out your Melbourne Spring Garden to have it thriving over the warmer months.